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About Mary Davies, cpc



Mary Davies, CPC has been Enlightening audiences since 1994 in Seattle, Washington.  

Mary has an amazing personal testimony of God's restoration after being rescued from 7 years neglect, abuse and torture during her childhood; which was followed by a rebellious lifestyle as a teen runaway on the streets of Seattle. 

Her story is uplifting, inspiring, and offers hope through Jesus' miracle of her personal journey of recovery.

God had blessed and gifted her to offer hope in these inspiring Christ-Centered topics for seminar, workshop, retreats, and teleconferences.

  • WOMEN OF VICTORY -Restoration for any woman who's ever suffered at the hands of another.

  • MANOLOGY - God's design for communicating with men.

  • FORGIVENESS of past wounds.

  • Evangelizing with our ears!

  • Communication and Relationship "fixes"

  • Being Overcommers, not merely survivors.

Please contact for more information or to schedule an event with Mary Davies.

What women are saying after the Conferences.

"You are fun to listen to and your information is priceless!"

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